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Should there be Censorship of Indian TV Channels ?

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Posted on 6 Oct 2023

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They are directly responsible and culpable in dividing India


Indian News Channels have become Views Channels. They air what is right according to them but not what is right for the world. They even twist the facts to stoke controversies for TRPs. They need to be regulated and controlled. Any irresponsible telecast by the channel should be strictly dealt with immediately. Most of the channels have also become machineries of propaganda for political parties.


TV Channels definitely require proper screening and accountability for what all they are airing. Lots of hatred is being spread by the TV Channels these days. Only information that is beneficial to them is being shown and other important news is ignored. We should have laws to regulate them.


Where are news channels these days? We had Doordarshan once upon a time. Slowly these news channels took the sides of some organisation that either funds them or supports them in some or other way. They need to be strictly regulated.