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Is the 33% reservation for Women in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies justified in India?

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Posted on 6 Oct 2023

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When women represent 50% of India's population,why not give them their due? It is not 33%, they should be given 50% of seats in all state assemblies and also in parliament.


It is the hypocrisy of the politicians. While every party speaks of law giving 33% reservation to women, why is such a law needed? If any political party wants, they can even allocate 50 of the seats to women. Who is stopping them? Do we really need a law to give them their due share? This is only an act of appeasement to women voters just before elections. Otherwise no political party is interested in it.


Women are excelling in every field be it Aviation, Space Sciences, Medical field, Banking, Marketing and even politics. Whoever has merit they can choose their desired field. We have already seen female stalwarts like Indira Gandhi, Vijayalaxmi Pandit, Sarojini Naidu, Mayawati, Jayalalitha, Mamta etc. When they are ready, they will enter politics on ther own. We don`t need a forceful law.


both men and women are equal ... Women have the same right to make decisions as men..