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Can we have a Presidential form of Government in India ?

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Posted on 6 Oct 2023

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India is known for its diversity and multi cultural society. Hence we need proper representation of people in the ruling cabinet. A single person ruling cannot justify all states. if he shows nepotism, then he benefits only his state and his people. Which is bad. For a vast country like India, we need to have representation of ministers from each state rather than one person ruling the country.


In presidential form of government, we can elect the leader of the country directly unlike the current trend where we first elect a party and the party will choose their leader. Sometimes the leader elected by the majority may not be of sound stature to lead a nation like India. The best option is to allow public to choo their leader directly like it happens in most democracies including US.


Presidential form of government can lead to Dictatorship. One man`s ideas are not good for society and can ruin the country like it is happening in Russia. Russia, North Korea, Iran (partially) and a few African countries are examples.


It is not a President or Prime Minister who rules India. It is the PM and his cabinet ministers. Having number of cabinet ministers gives equal opportunities for all states justifying the federal structure of India. India should never adopt Presidential form of government.


It is best opinion and president is educated and qualified but prime Minister imay be educated or not educated..having education and knowledge can make good decisions for people of the country.