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Is Big Investment into Space Technologies justified for a developing country like India ?

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Posted on 6 Oct 2023

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India is one of the few selective countries having their own GPS called NAVIC. This is very essential for country`s security as launching long range missiles would require the assistance of GPS. This is the result of investing into space technologies by early pioneers. Satellites are also used for monitoring borders and launching of missiles. We should invest more money into space (ISRO).


The research conducted for space missions also produces different technologies which have several useful civilian applications.


Without Space Technologies, India would not have explored forests, minerals, weather reporting and ground water exploration etc. Remote sensing helps in exploiting these resources. We are also selling these technologies to other countries generating revenue for the country by launching satellites of other developed countries


India is still a poor country. We are wasting lots of public money by sending missions to moon. What is the benefit of Chandrayan mission? Is anyone willing to go an live there. It is a wasteful expenditure.


We don`t need to compete with America for space race. By going to moon. We are doing for the same thing thing what Americans did 50 years ago we can not effort such useless Investment


Space technologies can lead to economic growth through the development of satellite-based services, such as communication, navigation, and remote sensing. also Space assets, including satellites, play a critical role in national security,disaster management, monitoring agriculture, and managing water resources. Investing in space can lead to opportunities for international collaboration as well.


The US spends 0.28% of GDP, Russia is second at 0.15%, and India is seventh in the world at 0.04%. I think this is worth it. generates a lot of secondary industries around it.


To prove India`s soft power, we need to excel in several technology domains including space. Today India is one of the world leaders in Space and Nuclear sciences with indigenously built technologies. In fact, as a developing nation, we need to invest more in space and other niche technologies.


Developing the technology through space investment programs is more expensive and even it may fail sometimes and it worth billions and millions to made it, that money can develop the india s lot