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Should India implement Uniform Civil Code ?

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Posted on 2 Oct 2023

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One size shoe does not fit all


UCC is necessary this time.


The only thing ,time want changes that should always be with it.


India is divided into various religions, caste and creed also this religion has it`s own rules and regulations.uniform civil code will help resolving the problem related with caste,creed majorly with gender based laws The problem is that across all personal laws, some aspects end up unfairly impacting women. For example, inheritance.


Today there is a confusion regarding inheritance and issues of divorce if a Hindu marries a Muslim or a Muslim marries a Christian as laws of different religions are different. We need to bring all religions under the same law irrespective of their caste and religion.


One country, one law.


India is INDIA when we have unity in diversity.I think there are more important issues to address on priority like Roti, kapda, makan, education, corruption etc As per me ruling party just gaining traction by bringing such polarizing topics


If UCC is implemented, the most affected people are Muslims and Indigenous Tribals. They have distinctive cultures and identities as far as religious issues are concerned. Implementing Uniform Civil Code will destroy the cultural and religious diversity of the country. Every effort should be made to properly study the personal laws of various communities before implementing UCC.


Every one should fear for law then everyone can start thinking beyond think Just like Home traditional rules


Justice and be expedited if a uniform civil law is applied. Especially in land disputes, adoption, inheritance, marriages etc.


It is good to have a common set of laws for personal matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption for all citizens.


The code should be a secular code, so that it is not partial to any certain sector of people.


Law should be applied to everyone equally.