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Should India shift its Capital from New Delhi ?

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Posted on 6 Oct 2023

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Other cities will develop if capital is shifted on rotation basis


Capital of any country should be accessible for all people both geographically as well as culturally. New Delhi is within reach of states like Haryana, Punjab, UP, MP, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. Most of the opportunities at Delhi are taken by people living close to Delhi whereas people of South India and North eastern states are almost cut off. It is good to shift the Capital to mid of India.


New Delhi is already crowded with population and there is no scope for expansion as all land is fully occupied. Secondly New Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world and going forward it becomes the least livable city in the world. Hence we should shift the capital of India from New Delhi to any centrally located city in India or build a new capital city.


High pollution, population, close proximity to two of the neighbouring nations, high crime rate etc would make a solid case of moving the capital.But changing a capital can be achieved only at an exorbitant price and is time consuming. Instead, measures should be taken to revamp the infra, security and bring down pollution, congestion etc which might still be a fraction of the cost of relocation

@Dinesh Kudupudi

We are in a digital age. These days everything is processed digitally. It is not necessary that people need to come to Capital for any world unlike earlier days. I feel few years down the line even parliament sessions would happen Online (Could be Meta). So it is meaningless building a new capital elsewhere.


New Delhi is fully equipped with the required eco system of any Capital City for more than 75 years. Shifting the capital needs to build new infrastructure like parliament, embassies, ministerial secretariat, residential complexes etc. This will be a huge burden for the country.


Because as Indians our History says itself that Delhi has Historical connection from Dwapar Yug this was known as Indraprasth of Pandavas.