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Should India Interlink all Rivers ?

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Posted on 6 Oct 2023

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Interlinking Indian rivers will solve the problems of flood and will provide water for agriculture throughout the year. Farmers will also get the benefit as they will not be dependent on monsoon for water. Hence the agricultural yield can increase. Interlinking Indian rivers will achieve water balance and will solve the problems of floods and droughts to a great extent.


We can connect them but need to study the impact of water composition from one river having its impact on land of other areas. For example Himalayan rivers have different salt components and that water coming and mixing with rivers of MP or Maharastra may affect the soils of these regions. Once a proper study is made, it is advisable to interlink all Indian rivers for proper distribution of water.


Different rivers in India are at different elevations and altitudes. If we interconnect them, all water from high lying rivers will flow to low lying rivers. Regulating the river water flow will be a daunting task for engineers.


It might create a geological disaster of interlinking all rivers in India. Secondly it is too expensive to dig canals to connect rivers.


To control the floods and to overcome the water deficient States.