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Should we apply caste based census in entire India ?

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Posted on 6 Oct 2023

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Since every one is not born with equal avenues, it is good to identify the castes and justify them with relevant schemes, especially the poor and non progressing communities. This will benefit rural artisans. Govt is giving free cows and goats to the herds men community. They gets encouraged for upholding their traditional livelihood. Otherwise some tradecrafts are under the threat of extinction.


Cast reservation always be 50℅, 1st need to evaluate the how current reservation is benefited to society. Also need to summaries which cast more in defence , social work and taxpayers. Need to reduce the current assigned cast reservation and add new cast against it.


India is still a developing country. Our Caste fabric is very deep rooted and widespread. There are caste baste trades and handicrafts that are subsidised by the respective governments in India. To share the benefits of the government, it is necessary to conduct caste based survey to know who needs to get what kind of benefits so that the government subsidies are given to the real beneficiaries.


We should not divide society in the name of Caste. Everyone should be treated equally. Such a census will bring hatred and animosity


These are only election gimmicks by some political parties. The resources of the country are open for everyone. We cannot give priorities for few selective groups of people just because they belong to some special caste.


It is a bad idea to think of such a census. It will bring social biases and divisions among people living peacefully for so many years.


but this is useful to know statistics of systemic differences that exist in country and see reality.


Because we all are Human Beings of this holy nation Caste based discrimination is against Humanity.